Battle at

Congaree Creek

Education Day

Dear Teacher/Educator,

Please consider attending the Battle at Congaree Creek Education Day on Friday, May 6th 2016, as one of your field trips this school year. We hope that you will find this Living History event to be both educational and fun for your students. The following information will help you prepare for your decision and hopefully your visit.

Your group must pre-register by contacting Robert E. Killian at: 803-747-9906 or Email, by December 1st, with name of your group or school, number of adults, number of students and when your group plans to arrive.

Students are welcome to bring cameras and are encouraged to ask questions of the participants.

Souvenirs may be purchased from Sutlers and Period Merchants.

Drinking water and temporary outdoor restroom facilities will be on site.

Food & Lunch Considerations

Groups may stop to eat lunch at any time they choose. Schools are welcome to bring their own lunches to the site. Lunch items can be purchased individually at the event food vendors.

Rules for Behavior

Students should stay with their assigned groups. Please walk between education stations. When your group is in between stations, please be mindful of others who are trying to listen at a different station.


Schools will begin touring by 9:00 a.m.

Groups may tour the different stations at their leisure.

Please plan on 4 hours to tour educational stations and eat lunch.

All tours will begin to conclude by 2:00 p.m.

Schools may leave at whatever time the teachers feel necessary. Bus drivers will know how long it takes to get back to your respective school.

Education Stations

Stations will last about 20 minutes each. Teachers, please note the time at the beginning of a station. If the instructor goes past twenty minutes, feel free to let them know, or ask the event marshal with your group to inform the instructor that it is time for your group to move to the next station. It’s okay, the instructor will understand.

All the stations listed are excellent and we assure you that you will not be disappointed with any of them.

As you arrive, teachers will be given an event flyer, which shows the location of each educational station. Teachers may choose which stations they would like for their group to attend, so it would therefore be helpful if you had a good idea which stations were of interest. Obviously, due to time, it will not be possible for groups to attend every educational station but it will be useful to acquaint yourself ahead of time with the different subjects available for instruction.

Educational Stations are all volunteers. All uniforms, dresses, artifacts and replicas are paid for by these dedicated individuals.

The people participating in the Living History Education Day, take time off from their jobs and travel to Sandy Run to work at BCC School Day because of their love of history and education for the youth of South Carolina. If you enjoy this event and see it as something of value to your students, please feel free to express your appreciation to these wonderful men and women.


  • Station 1 -- Union Infantry

    Re-enactor explains how the common foot soldier lived, his accoutrements, how many rounds per minute the average soldier could fire, how to load and fire a musket, accuracy of their musket.

  • Station 2 -- Confederate Infantry

    Re-enactor explains how the common foot soldier lived, his accoutrements, how many rounds per minute the average soldier could fire, how to load and fire a musket, accuracy of their musket.

  • Station 3 -- Artillary

    Re-enactor explains procedure in firing a cannon, what types of shells were used and their particular purpose, role of artillery in the war.

  • Station 4 -- Cavalry

    Re-enactor explains riding skills needed, weapons used, how to load a musket while riding, role of cavalry in the war.

  • Station 5 -- Blacksmith

    An army in 1860 could not exist without the blacksmith. Their role in keeping an army going and how items were made are shown and discussed by period blacksmith.

  • Station 6 -- Period Music

  • Station 7 -- General Raines

  • Station 8 -- Ladies Attire

  • Station 9 -- Fort Congaree

    Fort Congaree and entrenchments, officer’s building and encampment at the fort will be open for students.

  • Station 10 -- Period Sutlers and Merchants

  • More stations to come.