Battle at

Congaree Creek

Regulations, Bounties, and Registration


Registration fee is $5 per person, and includes Saturday supper, firewood, hay, and other amenities.

In order to provide the best experience for the paying customers, all units of all branches may be asked to galvanize for 1 day. Your cooperation is appreciated. You agree to galvanize for 1 day if necessary.

The land owner and/or the event coordinator has the right to ask you to leave if your actions are unruly, unlawful, and/or a risk to the safety and success of this event.

Please mail the registration form to: Battle at Congaree Creek, PO Box 37592, Rock Hill, S.C. 29732

Let us know of anything that will make your stay a successful one!

Registration Form

The registration form can be completed on your computer then printed out.


  • Full Size Cannon: $100 (12 Combined Artillery)
  • Mountain Howitzer: $75 (12 Combined Artillery)
  • Mortar: $50 (12 Combined Artillery)



These regulations are for safety, authenticity, and uniformity. (Re-enactors most common complaint)

Over all commanders are in authority to who may camp or participate in military activities under their command.

Over all commanders instructions and/or orders must be observed and followed.

It is the Event Sponsors, Commanders and land owner’s desire for you all to have a great time while at Battle at Congaree Creek, however, we reserve the right to ask you to leave if regulations are not followed.


No vehicles in camp after 8:00 a.m. Saturday morning until Sunday one half hour after the final battle.

Golf carts must be restricted to main roads/paths and not in camps. If you must or feel you need use of a golf cart, please camp near the roads/paths and cover it up with a period tarp during non-use while gates are open to the public.

Four wheelers, etc. must be restricted to be used around the perimeter of the reenactment area after gates are closed to the public with the exception of time being used for cannon placements.

No visible coolers or modern conveniences are allowed to be seen in camp during time gates are open to general public.

Please keep garbage picked up and out of sight.

Officer and/or NCO camp inspections are preferred.


Swords and revolvers may be carried by officers and appropriate NCO’s on the field of battle. Unsheathed swords are not allowed during charges or in close proximity to the opposing force.

Any knives carried shall be of period type and secured at all times in a proper period style sheath. Knives will NEVER be drawn on the field of battle for any reason.

Bayonets will properly fit their weapon securely for stacking. Bayonet scabbards shall have a metal tips securely fastened. Bayonets shall ONLY be fixed by order of the Commander.

Safety inspections of all weapons, ammunition, and equipment will be conducted prior to all battle engagements, by the Infantry Safety Officer. Anyone found with defective or unsound equipment will not be allowed on the field of battle until the deficiency is corrected.


Safety inspections of all tack, weapons, ammunition, and livestock will be conducted prior to all battle engagements, by the Cavalry Safety Officer. Anyone found with defective or unsound equipment will not be allowed on the field of battle until the deficiency is corrected.

All horses are required to be ridden at a walk through pace in camps or any area others are present when not engaged on the field (exception drills). Horses should not be on the main street of Sutler area and away from the Social Tent area. Horses should be attended at all times. Please do not ride in modern civilian attire during Education Day and when gates are open to the public (see schedule).

All revolvers will be carried in a period style regulation holster with spare cylinders being carried in a safe manner. Proper period style muzzle-loading (black powder only) percussion, carbines, muskets, shotguns, or revolvers with NO projectiles of any kind (rice, any hard substance) will be used.


Only full scale 57” diameter wheel cannons will be allowed in the Confederate fortifications. Mortars, Gatling Guns, Mountain Howitzers and other scale cannons may attend but must play federal.

Artillery Bounties will be awarded for Federal and C.S.A. cannons and howitzers. Mortars will receive half-bounties. Minimum crew of five artillerymen and at least one NCO or Officer (6 total) for cannons and howitzers. Minimum crew of three artillerymen and at least one NCO or Officer (4 total) for mortars. The gun and crew shall participate in all scheduled battles to qualify for the full bounty to be paid at the end of the event. Partial bounties may be available on a case by case basis but only for pre-registered units.

For safety, authenticity, and uniformity, the Hardee Drill, aka First Confederate Drill, Patton (federal Drill) or the National Civil War Artillery Association Drill is suggested. The misfire drill from any of the above is mandatory. Gun and drill inspections must be deemed safe and appropriate before the piece will be allowed on the field of battle. NO projectiles of any kind (saw dust, steel wool, baby powder, flour, grass, cow dung) will be used at any time, especially on or during the field of battle. Rounds must be powder only.

The Artillery Safety Officer will conduct all safety inspections on cannon and related equipment as well as any period black powder muskets and revolvers prior to all engagements. All participants shall report to him for all safety matters.

Each Battery will be expected to have pre-rolled enough charges to support two one hour battles (minimum 20 rounds).